Impact Auto Auction Canada: Scoring Your Dream Car

The Canadian automotive landscape offers a diverse selection of vehicles, and for budget-minded car buyers, auctions present a thrilling opportunity to score a fantastic deal. If you’re looking to snag a gently used car, salvage vehicle, or even a collector’s item, Impact Auto Auction Canada (Impact) could be your perfect partner in this exciting automotive pursuit.

Let’s delve into Impact Auto Auction Canada, exploring its services, bidding process, locations, and valuable tips to help you navigate the auction scene and potentially drive away with your dream car.

Impact Auto Auction Canada: An Overview

Impact boasts a well-established presence in Canada, specializing in live and online auctions for a wide variety of vehicles. Whether you’re a seasoned auction pro or a curious first-timer, Impact offers a platform to find incredible deals on:

Salvage Title Vehicles:

These vehicles have sustained some form of damage but may still be repairable or usable for parts. Impact provides detailed descriptions and photos to help you assess the condition of each salvage title vehicle.

Damaged Vehicles:

These vehicles might have cosmetic blemishes, mechanical issues, or a combination of both. Impact offers varying degrees of damage on listed vehicles, allowing you to make informed bidding decisions.

High-Mileage Vehicles:

If you’re comfortable with a car with a higher mileage count, Impact auctions offer a selection of pre-owned vehicles at potentially significant savings.

Repossessed Vehicles:

These vehicles have been repossessed by financial institutions and are offered for sale through Impact auctions.

Total Loss Vehicles:

These vehicles are deemed uneconomical to repair by insurance companies and are sold for parts or salvage.

Let’s delve into Impact Auto Auction Canada, exploring its services, bidding process, locations, and valuable tips to help you navigate the auction scene and potentially drive away with your dream car.

The Benefits of Using Impact Auto Auction Canada

  • Wide Selection: With numerous auctions happening weekly across Canada, Impact offers a vast pool of vehicles to choose from, increasing your chances of finding the perfect car that aligns with your needs and budget.
  • Competitive Prices: Auctions have the potential to yield significant savings compared to traditional car dealerships. However, it’s crucial to factor in potential repair costs for salvage title vehicles.
  • Transparency: Impact provides detailed descriptions, photos, and vehicle history reports (where available) for each auctioned vehicle, allowing you to make informed bidding decisions.
  • Convenience: Impact offers both live and online auctions, catering to your preference. Live auctions provide the thrill of bidding in person, while online auctions offer flexibility to participate remotely.

Getting Started with Impact Auto Auction Canada

Before diving into the exciting world of Impact auctions, here are some essential steps to prepare:

  • Register: Head to Impact’s website ( and create a free account. This allows you to browse upcoming auctions, view vehicle details, and participate in bidding.
  • Do Your Research: Research the specific car model you’re interested in. Understand typical market values, potential repair costs for salvage titles, and common issues associated with the model year. This knowledge empowers you to make informed bids.
  • Set a Budget: Determine your maximum spending limit and stick to it. Factor in potential auction fees, transportation costs, and any necessary repairs when setting your budget.
  • Inspect the Vehicle (Optional): If possible, attend the live auction preview to get a firsthand look at the vehicle you’re interested in. This allows you to assess its condition beyond the photos and descriptions provided.

Understanding the Bidding Process

There are two main ways to participate in Impact auctions:

  • Live Auctions: These are held at Impact’s physical locations across Canada. The auctioneer facilitates the bidding process, and participants raise their paddles or use designated bidding buttons to increase their offers. The highest bid at the close of bidding wins the vehicle.
  • Online Auctions: These auctions take place virtually on Impact’s website. Registered users can place absentee bids or participate in real-time online bidding. Carefully review the specific auction details to understand the online bidding process for each auction.

Additional Tips for Success at Impact Auto Auctions

Arrive Early (Live Auctions):

This allows you to register, get a bidder number, and potentially preview the vehicles you’re interested in.

Be Prepared with Payment:

Impact accepts various payment methods, so ensure you have the necessary funds readily available at the end of the auction.

Understand Auction Fees:

Be aware of any applicable auction fees associated with winning a bid. These fees might include buyer’s premiums, administrative costs, and title transfer fees.

Factor in Repair Costs:

While salvage title vehicles can be budget-friendly, consider potential repair costs before placing bids. Factor in the cost of parts, labor, and any unforeseen issues that might arise when budgeting for a salvage title vehicle.

Don’t Get Caught Up in the Bidding Frenzy:

Stick to your pre-determined budget and avoid getting carried away in the excitement of the auction. There will always be other auctions, so prioritize responsible bidding.

Ask Questions:

Impact representatives are available to answer questions about the auction process, vehicle details, and registration procedures. Don’t hesitate to seek clarification if anything is unclear.

Beyond Auctions: Additional Services Offered by Impact

While auctions are Impact’s core business, they offer additional services that can be valuable for car buyers and sellers:

  • Online Title Services: Streamline the vehicle title transfer process through Impact’s online title services for a smoother ownership transition.
  • Bill of Sale Services: Obtain a bill of sale for your purchased vehicle through Impact, ensuring proper documentation for registration purposes.
  • Transportation Services: Impact can connect you with transportation providers to move your auction win to your desired location.

Locations and Contact Information

Impact Auto Auction Canada has a presence across Canada, with locations in major cities. Visit their website ( to find a location nearest you and explore upcoming auctions.


Impact Auto Auction Canada offers a unique and potentially rewarding avenue for acquiring vehicles at competitive prices. By understanding the different types of vehicles offered, the bidding process, and the importance of preparation, you can increase your chances of finding the perfect car at Impact’s auctions. However, remember that auctions require research, budgeting, and responsible bidding practices.

Embrace the thrill of the hunt, prioritize informed decision-making, and Impact Auto Auction Canada could be the key to unlocking your dream car!

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