Mississauga Transit: Navigating Mississauga with Ease

Mississauga, a vibrant and dynamic city nestled within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), offers a plethora of attractions, businesses, and residential areas. Getting around efficiently and affordably is crucial, and Mississauga Transit (MiWay) serves as the backbone of the city’s public transportation system. Let’s delves into everything you need to know about Mississauga Transit, exploring various routes, fares, and valuable resources to plan your journeys.

Understanding MiWay: Exploring Mississauga Transit

MiWay boasts a comprehensive network of buses that connect various neighborhoods, points of interest, and major cities within the GTA. Here’s a breakdown of MiWay services:
  • MiLocal: These frequent-stop buses service various neighborhoods and connect them to key destinations within Mississauga. MiLocal buses are ideal for shorter trips and everyday commutes.
  • MiExpress: These express buses offer faster travel times by making fewer stops. MiExpress routes connect Mississauga to key destinations like downtown Toronto and other major points within the GTA.
  • MiWay Mississauga Transitway: This dedicated bus rapid transit (BRT) system offers a faster and more reliable way to travel along a major east-west corridor in Mississauga. The Transitway features dedicated lanes for MiWay buses, reducing congestion and ensuring smoother commutes.

MiWay also offers specialized services, including:

  • MiCommunity: These smaller buses serve specific neighborhoods and communities, providing valuable accessibility options.
  • MiExpress Link: These buses connect Mississauga to key GO Transit stations, allowing seamless transfers to regional transit services.
  • Accessible Services: MiWay offers accessible buses with ramps and designated seating for passengers with disabilities.

Mississauga Transit: Essential Information for Riders

Here’s a breakdown of key information to consider when planning your trips with MiWay:
  • Routes and Schedules: MiWay provides online resources for exploring bus routes, schedules, and real-time updates on bus locations. Utilize the MiWay website or mobile app to plan your journey efficiently.
  • Fares and Payment Options: MiWay offers various fare options, including single fares, day passes, and monthly passes. Presto cards are the preferred payment method, allowing for convenient contactless fare payment. You can purchase Presto cards online or at designated retailers.
  • Trip Planning Tools: Utilize online trip planning tools provided by MiWay or third-party platforms like Google Maps or Ontransit to plan your journey, including estimated travel times and transfer information.
  • Accessibility Resources: MiWay offers information and resources on accessible bus stops, designated seating, and trip planning for passengers with disabilities.

Exploring Additional Transportation Options in Mississauga

While MiWay remains the primary public transportation provider in Mississauga, here are some additional options to consider for specific needs:

GO Transit:

This regional transit service offers train and bus routes connecting Mississauga to other cities within the GTA and beyond. GO Transit can be a convenient option for longer commutes or traveling outside Mississauga.

Uber, RideON Canada and Lyft :

Ridesharing services like Uber, RideON Canada and Lyft offer on-demand transportation options within Mississauga. These can be convenient for late-night travel or situations where MiWay service might be limited.

Cycling and Walking:

Mississauga boasts a growing network of bike lanes and pedestrian paths. Cycling or walking can be a healthy and eco-friendly way to navigate shorter distances within the city.

Ontransit Airport Shuttle Services:

For a comfortable and reliable airport shuttle experience, consider Ontransit. We offer convenient and affordable shared ride or private car options to and from major airports, including Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ).

Why Choose Ontransit for Your Airport Shuttle Needs?

Here are some compelling reasons to choose Ontransit for your airport shuttle needs in Mississauga:

  • Convenience: Book your airport shuttle online or through our mobile app in advance. We offer door-to-door service, eliminating the hassle of public transportation transfers or navigating unfamiliar routes.
  • Affordability: Our shared ride shuttle service offers a budget-friendly option compared to taxis or private car rentals.
  • Reliability: We prioritize on-time service and professional drivers to ensure a smooth and stress-free airport transfer experience.
  • Comfort: Our comfortable and well-maintained vehicles provide a relaxing environment for your journey.
  • Multiple Service Options: Whether you prefer a shared ride shuttle for a cost-effective solution or a private car for added comfort and privacy, we offer customizable options to suit your needs and budget.
  • Real-time Tracking: Track your shuttle’s location in real-time through our mobile app, ensuring peace of mind and allowing you to plan your arrival accordingly.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Our friendly customer support team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and address any concerns you might have.

By choosing Ontransit for your airport shuttle needs in Mississauga, you can ensure a comfortable, convenient, and affordable way to begin or end your travels.

Exploring Mississauga: Mississauga Transit MiWay

Mississauga offers a diverse range of attractions, businesses, and cultural experiences. Here are some popular destinations you can reach with MiWay and Ontransit:

  • Square One Shopping Centre: One of Canada’s largest shopping malls, featuring a vast selection of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options. (Accessible via MiWay routes)
  • Celebration Square: A vibrant public square hosting various events, festivals, and concerts throughout the year. (Accessible via MiWay routes)
  • Mississauga Waterfront: Enjoy scenic views of Lake Ontario, explore waterfront trails, or visit the popular Port Credit Village. 
  • Art Gallery of Mississauga: Immerse yourself in contemporary art exhibitions and explore the vibrant arts scene in Mississauga. 
  • Benares Historic House: Step back in time and explore this beautifully preserved 19th-century heritage home. (Accessible via MiWay routes)
  • Mississauga Convention Centre: A hub for business conferences, trade shows, and events. (Accessible via MiWay routes and serviced by Ontransit for airport shuttles).

This is just a glimpse of the many destinations you can explore in Mississauga. Utilize MiWay’s extensive network and consider Ontransit for convenient airport shuttles to make the most of your time in this dynamic city.


Mississauga boasts a well-developed public transportation system with MiWay serving as its backbone. By understanding MiWay’s routes, fares, and planning tools, you can navigate the city efficiently. For seamless airport transfers, consider Ontransit’s reliable and affordable airport shuttle services. Whether you’re a resident, visitor, or business traveler, this comprehensive guide empowers you to explore Mississauga with confidence.

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